The Nightclub Quickie - Filthy Friday

I'm 23 years old and in a nightclub with my lover. He is older than me and married but I don't care, he looks after me.  He takes me to nice restaurants, and shopping and has me sit in on his business meetings. The people he meets with take no notice of me, thinking I am a dumb woman and that is exactly why he takes me. Plus, I distract them.

I don't want to say that my lover was a gangster, but he did once cut a man's face for calling me a whore. I am a whore. But I am his whore. 

One thing I am not is stupid. So I knew when he cheated on me on that business trip to Scarborough. It was all over his face and the diamond tennis bracelet he came back with. I was a bit annoyed, but I intended to get my own back. I was not about to give up a good thing, but it was a matter of respect. And I knew he kind of expected it. 

So we were in the club and I was dancing. He loved to watch me dance and I made and kept eye contact with him while I did. He gave me the look. The one that meant I was going to get all four inches of him later. Not without me getting some first I wasn't. 

I turned my back on him. And I spotted a man I knew from school. I hadn't seen him for about five years and the boy had glowed up in that time. Tall, broad, muscled in all the right places. Fucking hell I mouthed and he saw me, lifted his drink in salute and smiled. He'd always had a bit of a crush on me and I had always thought he was cute, but this was taking cute to superhuman, supermodel levels. 

I crossed the dancefloor to talk to him, not worrying about my lover. He trusted me not to look a gift horse in the mouth and he trusted everyone else to know who I belonged to. This guy didn't. 

We talked and caught up and things got more and more intense. You know when you are close to someone but not touching them, but everything in you is saying do it, grab him? I waited till I saw my lover head to the toilets and grabbed this guy's hand, leading him out of the front door.

The bouncers tried to bar my way. "You don't want to do this."

"Are you going to tell him? Thought not. Move." and we were out of the door and slipping into the darkness of the alley next to the club.

Then I was on my knees, freeing his gorgeous nine inch, fat cock and sighing happily as I sucked it. He groaned and held my hair, fucking my face, ruining my lipstick. As I stood up I lifted my skirt. My lover didn't like me to wear underwear so it didn't take long before the guy had me lifted by the ass and was fucking me hard and rough. 

I could feel my arse rubbing against the brickwork and knew there would be scratches on it. This turned me on even more, knowing that my lover was so big that I could only go on top and he would never know they were there and I orgasmed hard and loud while this guy kissed me to quiet me, near suffocating me with his tongue. Little did he know that I liked that and it made me cum again. 

I pushed him backwards and turned around. Parting my red raw cheeks, I offered him what I only gave my lover on his birthday. He sunk that big cock right into my asshole and fucked me hard and deep, gripping my ass while I crossed my arms in front of my face so it wouldn't get grazed by the brickwork. You're so tight he said while he came hard in my ass. I kissed him thank you and goodbye and wiped myself as best I could with some tissues from my bag. I sprayed some perfume. I couldn't remember what it was called. My lover had bought it for me. It would have been very expensive. I undid the top and poured the rest down the drain.  I still smelled of sex. Reeked of it. I dipped two fingers inside myself and dabbed my wetness behind my ears and on the inside of my wrists, I then sauntered back inside.

"He's been looking for you." One of his minders this time.

"I can handle him." 

And there he was, a face like thunder. All six foot five of him and as big as a brick shithouse. 

"Don't look at me like that babe. I went to the car to get a lipstick. Now get me a drink and tell me about Scarborough" I knew it was bullshit, he knew it was bullshit, but there was nothing he could say. I had invoked a get out of trouble free card. 

"Take one of the boys with you next time. It isn't safe."

I smiled. He looked at me, eyes full of lust.

"And put some fucking knickers on. You're dripping down your leg."

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Combat, Wombat, Ass - Guest Post Wednesday

Here at Duct Tape and Daddy Issues we are inclusive of all sexualities, and love to educate people on the different types. This week's post is a lesson in never expecting the expected and just how fulfilling that can be.  

Born in a parallel universe where Sonic the Hedgehog is not even in the top ten Fastest Things Alive  this week's contributor lives in a tree with a fox who is cunningly disguised as an owl. Together they write adventures of Moo the Space Cow and eat mashed potato with strawberries. Enjoy.

This story begins on a July evening at London Paddington station. Comic Con had finished, getting a hotel for an extra night would've been a nightmare and it was either that or travelling to West Wales in one sitting. Fuck. That.


Luckily, I'd done some planning ahead of time and the next step was waiting for the 20:02 service to Weston-Super-Mare.

"Just caught the train. I'm on my way."

"Awesome! Oh, it's up to you where you want to sleep. I'm fine sharing my bed which is a double, or there is a couch in our living room you can knock out on"

The first couple of hours flew but then I got to Bristol Temple Meads. My iPod died and the next 30 minutes or so were hell. Now hear me out, I love Lizzo as much as the next person but having her songs screamed at me a few times in a row in a crowded carriage, not so much.

If I'd heard "Okay (Okay), alright" or "In a minute, I'ma need a sentimental man or woman to pump me up" one more about damn time, I would've lost it.

“I’ll meet you at 10:25.”



10 minutes later, we arrived back at the house and that little voice started losing its shit. Oh my god!  This is it! It's actually happening! We took some drinks upstairs, tucked it and settled down with a film.

We watched Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, no, we didn't watch the movie WITH Hugh Jackman but how awesome would that have been if we had?! A quick side note here, as a couple of Lord of the Rings fans, Faramir as a monk didn't go unnoticed either. He might have been a friar but I digress. For some reason he decided to play this man of faith in a way I can only describe as human C-3PO. To this day, 'Why?' remains a total mystery. We made the only logical assumption any Tolkien nerds would and figured it was proof that Faramir had NOT taken 'Least favourite son' well.

1 A.M. and the film finished. How I knew the night would end and this being my first time didn't scare me anymore.

"Just so you know, if you wake me up before 9, I'm going to kill you."


"Good night. Love you loads."

"Sleep well. Love you too."

AND YOU THOUGHT?! You really thought we were no better than Netflix and Chill? Oh for shame, dear reader. For shame.

We'd gone to bed together and watched a good movie so I was bound to casually put my arm around my friend, we'd make out or start fucking each other silly. Or both. Right?


How dare you? First of all, we watched cult classics at best because in this house, we have standards. Not to mention when we slept together, there was a major emphasis on the word 'slept'.

This is how the morning after the night before went.

We woke up, checked our phones and mere seconds later, the penny dropped. "Absolutely not. It's way too early. That's disgusting." So what was the plan? Closing our eyelids until such an immoral time of day got bored and left. Worked like a charm.

A couple of hours later, or just one less ungodly, we talked about everything and nothing. We watched TikToks and hailed whoever coined "Wombat Combat Ass" as a hero of our times. Whatever it ended up being, we NEVER had these chats on an empty stomach. Hot chocolate. Squash. Nutella on toast. Perfection right there.

After brunch, our next piece of cinema was I, Frankenstein and by some miracle, the bastards got us invested. Whoever made this beautiful mess wanted Cate Blanchett, who said "Not a chance." Thankfully, someone up there did casting in the laziest way imaginable by sticking with the LOTR trilogy, thus Queen Eowyn was born. Also, fun fact: did you know that when gargoyles die, they make Chewbacca noises? Me neither.

These points were peanuts compared to Aaron Eckhart. Is that the guy from The Dark Knight? Yes. Did he get the role based solely on Harvey Dent? Without a shadow of a doubt. Were they so shameless about it that he got a dumbed down "hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now" speech? You bet!

And yet, somehow the movie went one better. Hand on heart, it tried to make Frankenstein's monster sexy. That’s right, the masses looked upon a shirtless man made out of other people's dead bodies and knowing this, collectively thought "Honestly, I would", exactly as Mary Shelley intended. After all, it’s just like he said:

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become Frankenstein's thirst trap."

I'll leave you with this. A simple but beautiful truth. Before I got to Weston, the idea that friends were allowed to sleep together in the same bed without anything happening was but a myth I'd heard once upon a time. Since the day I heard the legend, I knew I had to try it. Let it forever be known that it's so much more.

When I dozed off, I dreamed sweet dreams knowing our vanilla overlords would be furious if they could see us at that moment. Why would they be so angry? There's going to be no gossip. Then again, seeing how they've gone on record saying our way of doing things is reserved for "real" relationships time and time again, those boring fuckers can die mad about it.

It had always been my dream to bring about the collapse of society when a cosy disaster struck by watching a so-bad-it's-good movie. Causing the downfall of civilization by putting on a film that leaves anyone with more questions than when the thing started and sleeping like a log alongside a dear friend. Now picture it WITHOUT hooking up first. Yeah. Right?!

That’s us. That’s how powerful we are.

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Double Ended Vibrating Strap On (Solo Use) - Review Tuesday

A Note on Inclusive Language
My body is an assigned female at birth (AFAB) body. While reading this review, please adjust your thinking to your own body and needs. I want to be as inclusive as I can be, so I will be using my body as a marker only. It seems futile to refer to 'male bodies', 'female bodies', and 'intersex bodies', not to mention inaccurate as no two bodies are exactly alike. I will also be using 'partner' as an inclusive term to mean all, any or no gender. I hope that covers everyone. If not, if I get it wrong, please let me know. I want to do better. Big love xx

Welcome to the first ever review of Duct Tape and Daddy Issues! Your girl is living the dream! Paid to wank and let you know how it went. My life is wild right now and I am loving it. 

So, the Bestvibe Unisex 10 Vibrating Wearable Double End Strap-On 5.9 Inch Dildo arrived a couple of days ago (in very discreet packaging) and I was EXCITED. I had a strap on but the remote control bit was wired like the old style video remotes (for people who are so old they don't know what Gen they fall into). It was also a bit tacky? Is that the word I want here? I don't know, it wasn't top of the range. It was a bit hollow which made hands free navigation a bit of a challenge. I tell you all this not in a 'when I was a child in Ireland obsessed with the colour blue...' type way that they do on food blogs, but so you know what I was used to and why I was so EXCITED when it arrived.

Coz baby, this thing is SLEEK! 
It looks nice, it feels nice and smooth and it is hefty enough that if I push, even with my hips, it will go where it is supposed to. 

The Specifications
The shorter bit feels good and big enough to stay in once it is in there. There is a ribbed bit just under the long bit, which is designed to rub against clits. The long bit is 5.9" and once in place looks a lot less scary. It comes with 10 vibrations, 9 of which sound like a helicopter flying overhead and the last one sounds like the BWOM from Inception. The remote control is intuitive and simple and this will make all of the difference. The harness comes with side extenders for the larger pegger and though I haven't used it yet, it does seem to be made of soft material. It only takes 2 odd hours to charge from flat to ready for take off but I left it till the next day because a deadline is a deadline and I had a deadline.

The Trial
Luckily, when it is in situ, it is not as loud as it is when not. It slid in nicely, and stayed there. Had I been intending on fucking someone with it, I would have felt quite confident that it wasn't going anywhere. I went through all the vibration permutations with it in there and you really could tell the difference. So far so lovely. "Right oh," thought I, "let's give this a proper go." I popped some lesbian porn on and lay back. 

And realised I now had a cock. I wondered, what would it be like to give it a stroke. Honestly, it was really fucking hot. I stroked it and tugged it and for that fourteen minutes I was wanking with something other than my cunt. 

And fuck, it was good. Mind blowingly good. I went through the vibrations again and settled on one that is kind of like a wave that goes through the three different parts and as I pulled on my silicone cock, it felt like I had balls too because of the weight. It was different, that was for sure and because of that and because my inner monologue was LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?!? it took longer to cum and when I did, it wasn't a clitoral orgasm, or a vaginal one, it was like the whole of my bottom half was involved, all the way to my asshole. It was easy to clean and is now back in its box, waiting for me to get it out again and calling to me like a massive black silicone siren. In a helicopter. Next time, pegging...

The Verdict
Dang. I mean, fuck man. Seriously.

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Am I Polyam Or Just Over It? - Discussion Monday

Good morning sexy people! Another monday has landed and with it some thoughts that have been mulling around in my head for a while. 

I want to make very clear that this post is my own thoughts only. I believe that Polyamory is a valid sexuality, identity, way of life. I do not write this to decry any of it at all. In fact, I would love it if some Polyam people would put me right on anything I get wrong and engage in discussion with me on this subject, as it is one I find fascinating and also one I accept I need to learn about.

I recently came out as Polyamorous. Only to my nearest and dearest, (certainly not my in laws who are only just getting their heads round pronouns) and everyone has been "Yeah, cool." about it. I had been thinking about it as an identity for a long time as I have always been aware that I have the capability to carry on more than one relationship at a time without having to choose. 

Is that it though? I can happily date two or more people and not have that emotionally drain me? It seems a bit simple really. Maybe it is. Maybe that is all that polyamory is. When I was little I had two boyfriends and a girlfriend and the adults thought that was cute (I still remember Roger, Gary and Mandy fondly). When I was an adult I had Dave, Simon and Claire and suddenly I was a slag. And to be fair, I was cheating on Dave, Simon and Claire were well aware of the whole situation. But other people who knew, did not have a good opinion of me. Not that I was overly bothered but how does that work?

These days I am married to Sexy Husband (SH) and apart from the threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, I have permission to go on dates with women and he has permission to go on dates with men. We both see our marriage as having absolute priority with each other and if one or the other decided that we no longer wanted to carry on this lifestyle then we could pull the plug. The other would end whatever assignations they had going and we would be enough for each other. Our dating partners are a separate thing from our marriage and though we can talk about them, and we support each other if we get stood up or break up, a throuple is a thing that is not going to happen. 

Now, I don't know an awful lot about Polyamory apart from what I have learned on TikTok, but it diagnosed my ADHD so I kind of trust it where it comes to learning about differing sexualities. 

And apparently we're doing it all wrong.

We're not supposed to have a hierarchy of relationships by all accounts, as it is toxic. As is only being able to date our own gender. As is giving and withdrawing of permission. 

The thing is though, we are honest with everyone. Or should I say I am. SH doesn't date anyone else and though I remind him that he can, he is happy with me and the extracurricular sex we have together. 

I am honest with every woman and enby I talk to. They know where I am at right at the start and if they don't want to get involved then I wish them a full and happy life and we go our own ways. I don't see what is so toxic about that. 

I understand the potential for it to be if people are manipulative or dishonest, but we have talked about it at length and it is what we both are happy with.

I have had three of what were called "open" relationships before. 

One was fine (so he said) as long as it wasn't a man and it was just for sex, and he could watch. In reality, when I did go away overnight he was a fucking nightmare when I got home. That was toxic as hell.

One said we needed to be totally honest with each other. When I was, he cried and he cheated on me in secret with someone at his birthday party that he said he didn't want me to go to. That whole situation was fucked up and toxic.

One had been seeing men behind my back for the entire 7 years we were together. For the last six months I said I would deal with it if I could go and sleep with women. The first time I did, I also tried being a sub for the first time and loved it. He saw the bruises and asked me where I had got them. When I told him I had a dom girlfriend, he filed for divorce. Hella toxic.

So excuse me if I wonder to myself what is so wrong about an arrangement in my marriage that we are both more than happy with? Maybe I shouldn't call myself Polyam, maybe what I am is just utterly over being told what I should and shouldn't do with my body. 

My body, my choice isn't just for abortions.

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Seminary - Filthy Friday

I had a dream this morning which really set my clit twitching. It was about a man, which is really very odd; I usually dream about women. The other thing that was quite odd was that the man in this dream is someone I don't fancy in real life at all.

I am not sure that I fancied him in the dream either to be honest, it was more that I wanted what I could not have. I wanted to corrupt him. I wanted him to want me. 

And I wanted it badly. So badly that my clit just woke up at the thought of writing this down.

So in the dream, there were a lot of us on holiday together in my home town, which is a holiday resort. Sun, sea, scarily painful pebbles and arcades. The whole group were having a great time on the beach and this man caught me looking at him appraisingly. And why wouldn't I? He's conventionally hot. Great bod, cracking arse, cheeky smile, big hands. I was having a good long appreciative look and he caught me. He looked quizzically at me, and I gave him my most mischievous look back. He knows that look. He knows it well. He has seen me snag prey with it before. Cornered, rabbits in sexy headlights, they have no chance against me. He looks uncertain now as he towels himself off, confused. Why would I be using that look on my closest friend? Especially when we have both been very clear that we love each other in a platonic way only and would never, never cross that line. Especially when he is a 30 year old virgin about to enter the seminary. 

Yes. My best friend is going to be a priest. I have no interest in religion but he is my best friend and I love him dearly so I support him in it. Besides, he is going to SLAY in the outfit. All black with that chest and arse? Fucking hell, I can hear the tears of his future parishioners from here as they cry with frustration at the Vatican edict on celibacy. This trip is a goodbye to him as we know him. 

Over dinner (fish and chips, obviously) he whispers in my ear. 

"What was that all about earlier?"

I look up at him using my eyes over my glasses only.

"I don't know what you're on about." I say and quickly bite the side of my bottom lip before eating a piece of fish by opening my mouth wide and using my tongue to pull it off the fork. His eyes narrow. 

"Stop it." he says, quietly. 

"Oh behave yourself," I say, "I just don't want to ruin my lipstick."

He knows all my tricks, but denying using them is leaving him slightly off balance. I leave it there and talk to his brother on my right, but I can feel his brain whirring and it has made me quite wet. 

After a few pints I plead a headache and tell everyone I am heading back to the hotel. He offers to walk me. I accept, but only on the proviso that he return to the party afterwards. 

When we arrived, the hug goodnight was longer than usual, I let my lips linger nearer his neck than usual, breathing softly. Fuck, he smelled so good that I nearly put my tongue to the skin there to taste him, but instead I stepped away and opened the door. As I stepped through I heard his voice.


Without turning, I answered. 

"Goodnight. Father." and closed the door behind me.

The next day was our last one there and after a night of fucking myself silly with a dildo I was ready to apologise to him and to stop playing games, but he was already in the sea when I got to the beach, torso shining as the sea water dripped off him and hair being shaken (almost in slow motion) and pushed out of his face with strong arms that only accentuated his pecs. All apologetic thoughts withered and died. 

He spotted me looking at him and smiled. He knew me well enough to know that I would have fucked myself silly with a dildo and got over both myself and any sexy thoughts about him. He would assume that all danger had now passed. And on any other day he would be right. Not today. Today I was glad I was wearing sunglasses so he couldn't see how my eyes were bulging. How had I missed this beautiful man under my nose? And now he was going off to be a fucking priest. I admit that thoughts of flesh in the confessional filled my mind. I would have to do such an awful lot of penance. Mostly on my knees.

"Come swim with me Mag, it is the last day!"

And I did, we swam out to a jetty and I put my arms out to let my legs dangle in the water. Like I was on a cross. The irony was not lost on me. He was treading water in front of me, chatting about what a great idea it had been to have this little holiday before he went, how he was going to miss me but there was nothing that said that he couldn't have friends, that he wasn't sure what all that Thornbirds v Fleabag thing had been yesterday haha that he was more Father Dougal if anything haha and the whole time I said nothing. I just looked at him. The way his mouth turned up at one side, the green of his eyes, those hands. 

I continued to say nothing. I licked my lips.

And then he was swimming towards me. 

"Magda. Fucksake Magda."

Still I couldn't speak. I just met his eyes with mine, shining with lust, my lips engorged and slightly parted. I must have looked like the Magdalene I was named for. 

"Magda. Jesus Christ Mag."

His breathing looked heavy now and I wondered for a moment if he had swum too much and was about to tell him to get on the jetty. I bit my lip instead and found his mouth on mine. Perfectly still, like he could still take it back. He tasted of salt as I ran my tongue over his lips and then his mouth was moving on mine, we were kissing, bodies underwater moving away from each other with the current. He circled my waist with one arm to bring me closer to him and did not break the kiss for a second as he moved my bikini bottoms to one side. 

I parted my legs so I could feel his cock hard against me, pushing against me, searching for me, still through his swimming shorts and though I wanted to reach down and stroke it, I was for once going to be passive. My cunt was not just wet from the sea, but this had to be his decision. His move. I was his temptation.

He broke the kiss and for a moment I thought that was it. He had faced temptation and risen above it. I didn't mind. I would have the memory of his kisses and his strong arms to guide me through while I fucked myself silly with a dildo. In twenty years, I would visit him in his parish and we would laugh about the time we nearly did it with the familiarity of lifelong friends. 

Then he looked at me. And I looked at him. And we were lost.

"Magda." he groaned as he got his cock out and slid it into me. One fluid motion was all it took and we were kissing again as we rocked underwater, using the jetty for support. We both came, though it didn't take long and afterwards we climbed onto the jetty and lay there, running our fingers over each other's bodies, not talking for quite some time. I swam back first while he watched to make sure I was safe. Then we spent the afternoon with our friends. 

After dinner he walked me back to my hotel room and this time there was not hesitation. We were fucking before we got to the bed. I couldn't get enough of that hard cock of his and he couldn't get enough of me. It was like he had never been hard before. I had him in my mouth, cumming in me while he held my head still by the hair. He pinned me down and fucked me hard, that lovely big cock that no one else had ever had thrumming as it pounded me and he bit me on my neck, my shoulders, my tits. All the while saying my name, committing the moment to memory.

"Magda, shit yes, ride me Magda, let me see you."

We did it gently, him sliding into me from the side while stroking my hair, we did it with me making him beg as I hovered above him, tip of his cock only just inside me. 

As he slid into my arse, holding on to my cheeks I pushed back harder than I ever had. I wanted him inside me all the way, if he could have climbed in I would have let him. 

We slept for a while, afterwards and I woke him by taking his cock into my mouth and sucking it into hardness. There was not a single thing I was not going to do with him because much as he might think it, I was not going to ask him to give up the seminary for me. I even fucked him silly with a dildo. 

In the morning, I saw him to the door so I could pack. He kissed me deeply enough that I nearly dragged him back in, but I broke the kiss and smiled at him. 


"Goodbye Father."

And the door was closed.

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The Life and Sexy Times of a Trade Union Rep - Part Four - Guest Post Wednesday

Welcome back ANR Kist with yet another scorching story for us. If you haven't read the other installments, then you should. Buckle up and get ready for some more sexiness.

Sometimes as a Union Rep you find yourself in a situation where you need to be away from home overnight. Obviously, Conference is one such situation but there are other occasions – meetings, representation of a member etc- where the journey there and back is too far to do in one day, hence the overnight stay. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to be able to meet up with other local reps who’ll take you out and show you around for the evening. Often, it’s a case of grabbing a pizza and spending the evening alone in your room with a huge selection of 5 channels on the TV. For those of us who enjoy having some fun, it is an opportune time to invite along a friend for the night. This is the story of one such night…

I had a friend who liked to dress for sex and be submissive. I on the other hand enjoy being dominant so I invited my friend to join me for an evening of filth. I had given him some cheap fishnet stockings and instructed him to be wearing them under his clothes when I picked him up. After checking he had obeyed my instructions, we drove the hotel I would be staying in for the night and checked in. My meeting was at 3pm so I left fairly promptly and left my friend in the hotel room to await further instructions. After my meeting I sent him a message telling him to open my overnight bag, put on the underwear in there and then meet me in the bar at 6pm for a drink. I arrived back at the hotel, went straight to the bar and found my friend seated at a table, drinks ready and a look of eager anticipation on his face. 

It was clear that he would happily down his drink and head upstairs there and then, but I lingered, teasing out the minutes until we could begin in earnest. Eventually I finished the last few drops, sighed and said “Come on then, let’s go up”. It had the same effect as saying “Good boy” to your canine pal.

Once we’d shut the hotel room door behind us, I told him to take off his ‘outside’ clothes whilst I got ready. I had some new black pvc to try out and some toys to make use of.

I turned to him and told him that he’d been far too eager in the bar and rushed me so he would have to be punished. I bent him over the bed and smacked his backside, hard, enough to leave a red hand print. It looked glorious against his pale skin. I then sat on the bed and instructed him to remove my boots and be grateful he was getting this much attention. I reminded him of the rule that he wasn’t allowed to piss until I gave him permission and saw the corner of his mouth twitch as he supressed a smile. 

I lay back on the bed and commanded he pay homage to me. First it was my breasts. He caressed, licked and sucked my nipples until they were huge, red and throbbing and I was so wet I was dripping. I told to him undress me slowly, then naked I lay back down for more worship. I shoved his head between my legs and told him to lap up my juices like the dog he was. He of course obliged, slurping and licking for all he was worth and I allowed him to start on my clit. He was so very good with his tongue and it wasn’t long before I came, grinding into his face. Then I shoved him off me and made him wait at my feet until I was ready to continue. It wasn’t a long wait as that first orgasm was always a prelude to what was to come. 

By now it was clear he needed to have a piss so I told him to get in the shower, with his underwear on, and not to piss himself. He naturally did piss himself, which was the cause for further punishment but first I told him I’d have to clean him up as he was dirty and disgusting. I roughly stripped his clothes off and started to wash him. Legs scrubbed, arse pummelled clean and then cock and balls softly lathered. He grew so hard in my soapy hands as to be on the brink but I read the signs and abruptly stopped, rinsing the suds off with cold water. 

Back in the bedroom I took the whip I had with me and told him to turn round and bend over with his hands on his knees. First I stroked his buttocks with the whip and then sharply snapped it across his fleshy white arse. He flinched and I told him I would only stop once he kept still. After three more whacks he was compliant and I let him stand back up. 

I told him it was time for his next task and that if he was good and did well I would allow him a treat. I made him get on all fours on the bed and I gave him a damn good rimming, flicking my tongue around and just inside his arsehole. Then he was told to lay down with his legs apart. I grabbed the butt plug and lube and gently but firmly inserted the beautiful black plug into his tight but sufficiently relaxed arsehole. Once it was in place, I started to lick his balls and run my pointed tongue up and down the shaft of his, by now, rock hard cock. His tension was palpable but he didn’t move and didn’t utter a sound, just like the good minion he was. After shoving his cock deep into my mouth a few times I could feel it begin to pulse so again I stopped and made him stand up. 

His final task was to prepare me to be able to give him his reward. I lay down and made him repeat the licking and sucking and caressing of my breasts and pussy, although I was so aroused it wouldn’t take much. I briefly sat up, turned him round and pressed the vibrate button on the butt plug. The smallest sigh escaped his lips and I informed him he had performed his tasks well so he could now receive his reward. Of course, his reward was being allowed to fuck me. He thrust his massive, throbbing cock into my eagerly awaiting cunt and within two strokes I felt that hot liquid darkness engulf me before my whole being became centred in bright white heat between my legs. Dissolving into waves of ecstasy flowing through my whole body I breathed again but before that glorious feeling retreated I allowed him to orgasm, spurting his cum all over my belly. 

After we both cleaned ourselves up I was forced to order room service as frankly neither of us were capable of being seen in public until the next day. 

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Learning How My Disabled Body Loves - Discussion Monday

I love my body, I really do. I spent more years than I actually want to admit to abusing it, ignoring it and taking it for granted. 

My body used to run. Not far, not fast, but it did it and I felt good about it. My body used to kickbox. It would spin and kick and punch and spend all day in the gym toning and conditioning itself. 

My body used to walk ten kilometres because it was a nice day and who wants to spend that on a bus?

My body danced all night, and walked home afterwards. 

My body once walked from Birmingham to Stratford Upon Avon because I spent my train fare on beer.

My body used to fuck all night. It could get into any position you asked of it and would grin at you. It could wrestle with you, that glorious wrestling that led to primal, growling, biting fucking.

My body used to.

Now, it keeps me alive and that is about all it does. No, that is unfair to it. My body cannot run, but it can tell me when I need to rest some more. My body cannot walk far, but it can get me to the bathroom. My body cannot dance all night now but it can still feel music. 

My body cannot fuck all night, and when it fucks at all, it is going to feel it the next day. So does that mean that I no longer have sex? No, no it does not. It means that sex is different now that I am disabled and as such I am learning how my body loves again. 

And it is so much fun. For example. Before, I could jump on a cock and ride it for ages. It was one of my favourite things to do. Now, I can still get up there (just) but I have to take my time. I can't just push him onto his back and roll on, now I tell him, "get on your back" and I kiss all over his face, neck and torso while I position myself. Now, instead of sliding right down, while I adjust my hips to make them as comfortable as they can be, I hover, I take just the tip of him inside me. I order him to keep still and take my time sliding up and down. I might put some lube on before I do it telling him I'm getting ready for his cock. That anticipation and slower pace is proving to be quite the thing. 

We can still do missionary, but for not as long as we once did. I use a series of movements with my hands to show him what I want. If I put them on his shoulders or biceps, it means ease off a bit, if I grab his (very lovely) arse, it means go for it. When my hips or legs have had enough of this, I whisper "cum for me" in his ear. 

Doggy style is still doable, especially on the stairs as I can control what angle I am at and how I am most comfortable. If we get it right, my body and I, we can shout things like HARDER! FUCK ME! and of course, for us, it is close to the bathroom so if I have enough spoons to shower straight away I can sit on my stool and let him piss on me then cum on me, the shower taking care of the clean up and fresh bedding is put on the bed while I am in there as I am going to need to sleep.

I can still do group stuff, but I have to rest and save energy ahead of time and rest and replenish energy afterwards. Group stuff is easy as I am passed around like currency, but I get to stay pretty much in one position. 

Just stay away from my nipples unless I tell you to play with them. My new nervous system does not like them even being perceived 99% of the time.

I did, when I first lost mobility and embraced the chronic pain and fatigue that my impairments bring, mourn my new lack of spontaneity, but actually, I now masturbate in front of SH on the days that touch that isn't mine is too much, give him more blow jobs than ever before and watch him masturbate as I read to him from this blog. He especially likes the corset one.

So my sex life isn't bad, it is just different, and just as importantly, SH understands that and loves the changes that have had to happen. If you are with someone who says that they wish things could go back to the way they were rather than helping you relearn what your body likes and incorporating that into your sex life, bin them. I'm serious. They do not deserve you and you deserve better. 

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